INSPIRING, enjoying, and mastering geophysics

I have been working since '99 as a Geophysicist Consultant in different service companies,  7 year expatriated (Mexico/Brazil) and I'm working as an independent consultant since 2014.

Before all this I studied a Physic's degree in Barcelona (92-96) , and then Exploration Geophysics at IFP-school (98-99, MSc).

My core speciality is Reservoir Geophysics. I've got a global knowledge and experience on Seismic Processing techniques, as well as most of exploration techniques. 

Worked on Fractured Carbonate reservoirs as well as clastic, significant experience in integrating different specialties and in project leadership.


Large experience in many Gulf of Mexico fields with special emphasis to fractures, and also for shale reservoirs.

TRAININGS delivered to following companies:

Several trainings delivered thorough my  partner : IFP-training (IFPEN, France) 

  • GNPC Ghana National Petroleum Company

  • KPC (Kenyan Ministery of Energy)

  • PetroSen (Senegal)

  • PetroCI (Ivory Coast)

  • Sonatrach (Algeria)

  • NNPC (Nigeria)

  • TOTAL (France)

  • YPFB (Bolivia)

  • SNH (Cameroun)

  • Tanzania Oil Company (Tanzania)

  • PDVSA (Venezuela)

  • PEMEX (Mexico)

  • DMNG (Russia)

consulting services to FOLLOWING COMPANIES:

  • IPC - France

  • Repsol-Sinopec (Brazil)

  • CGG (France)


  • PETROBRAS (Brazil)

  • PEMEX (Mexico)

  • PDVSA (Venezuela)

  • QP (Qatar)

  • ANDRA (France)



Combining geomechanics and geophysics for non-conventional reservoir production optimization.  Claudio Rabe, Alexis Ferrer . SBGF 2013.

Benefits of broadband seismic data for reservoir characterization. Santos Basin, Brazil .  Ekaterina Kneller, Alexis Ferrer, Jeremy Langlois.  SBGF 2013


Feasibility study methodology for Fracture Analysis Studies using Seismic Azimuthal variation: Application in Southern Mexico.  Alexis Ferrer, Nahum Perez Campos, Jesús Garcia Hernández. GCAGS 2011

3D Seismic Interpretation, IFP, December 2019, IFP-Training

Tools for SRC, IFP, November 2019, IFP-Training



One of the things I enjoy most is MOUNTAINS.

Here at the top of Lanana's Peak, almost at 5000m, next to Kenya's mount peak with one of my kenyan students!


I am a founder member of the "Les Champs de l'Avenir" association that supports AREJ center since 2005.

AREJ is in Northern Togo ("Savana's region", ) a school to develop organic agriculture specially for boys and girls from porest families, so they can have a job and don't need to emigrate.